Taking a bold step in financing Home loans that enable faster debt-free homeownership.

Whether you’re buying a home or refinancing an existing home loan, let 20Twenty be there every step of the way. We help make sure that the process is as quick and efficient as possible, without any hidden fees. 20Twenty is available to all employees of registered employer companies.

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Key Features:

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20Twenty is first of its kind in the market

No other home loan product offers these features and distinctive financing model, that is tailored for you.

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This sustainable financing model aims to grow with you

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Shortened repayment terms

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Monthly interactive customer communication

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No admin or management fees

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Baie Baie Baie Baie BAIE Dankie vir alles wat julle vir ons gedoen het.

Ons waardeer vir julle

August 2022
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Our hearts are overjoyed and filled with much gratitude. Thank you for your tireless support and encouragement. You have been instrumental in helping us realise our dream.


The irony is that the house we’ve been renting for almost 3.5years we can truly and finally call home as of today, thanks to you.


You helped us accomplish that we seemed an impossibility. The economic climate, COVID-19, sense of uncertainty and all other changes experienced around the world deemed it unattainable. Yet today we are reminded that hope springs eternal.


So, with much gratitude we enter celebratory mode and wish you a fruitful year with great favour for all your future endeavours and prospective clients.

January 23
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Wil net sé….WOW!!

BAIE BAIE dankie!

August 2022
20Twenty Icons Person man


Dis baie lekker om n partnership met julle te begin. Ek sien uit na die journey.

Julle deeglikheid en professianaliteit is puik!

October 2022